Upcoming Events:

We host a range of events for young people from all corners of the EEA.  Contact us at Info@Dragon-Legion.com If you have any questions, suggestions or if you need any support in the application process! These events are what brings us together as a community, go to our about page to find out more about why we do what we do!

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has pushed the pause button on our ambitious plans for 2020 and 2021, while most of our events and work shifted online, we have been working hard to get our in person events back in action maintaining the saftey of our participants. Everyone who has been already accepted will have a reserved spot in the postponed event and we have big plans for the future! Keep a keen eye out for upcoming dates and information…

Player Events:

These are week-long role-playing events that are all about playing: Up to 60 participants between 18 and 30 years old, both Game Directors and Players, a mix of gender, nationality and age makes for a diverse group. Our GDs run Dragon Legion created adventures, often inspired by our host country’s individual culture, myths and legends. With 4 to 6 players per group all groups are synchronized and play in a shared adventure, where the decisions and actions of each group influence the events and happenings for all the groups involved.

G.D. Trainings:

In these workshops we focus on two things: Improving Game Director skills and creating the setting and the adventure that can be used in future player events. These events usually last a week and unlike player events are open to participants older than 30. We focus on developing a number of GD skills (how to play an NPC, how to use music for creating atmosphere, how to improvise, how to use pacing, etc.) and game creations skills (how to write scenes, how to create an adventure structure, how to create memorable NPCs, etc.) and we collaboratively work on adventure design, world building and game rules. The results are usually settings and adventures inspired by the local culture and myths that are then used in our player events.

Convention Events:

Convention events are a way for the network to open its gates to the wider world of gamers, geeks and creatives. During this events participants will go through 2 phases: In the first phase the activities will focus on training adventure design and writing skills, the output of which will be used for the second phase of the event. In the second phase, during the actual days of the convention (usually 2-4 days), the participants will together run the Dragon Legion booth and a number of activities for the public, trying to involve as many people as possible in game sessions. We have found that this is a wonderful way to train language skills, communication skills and social skills.



GD Event: Prehistoric Malta
Location: Gozo, Malta
Date: Nov 6th-13th
Application: apply here

Player Event: Icelandic Mythology
Location: Selfoss, Iceland
Date: March/April 2022
Application: –open soon–

Convention Event: Nordsken
Location: Skellefteå, Sweden
Date: TBD
Application: –open soon–

Young GD Event
Location: Selfoss, Iceland
Date: March/April 2022
Application: –closed

GD Event: Finnish Mythology
Location: near Helsinki, Finland
Date: summer 2022
Application: –open soon–

Young Player Event
Location: Woffelsbach, Germany
Date: TBD
Application: –closed–

Convention Event: Midgard
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Date: September 2022
Application: –open soon–

Player Event: Arthurian Legends
Location: Glastonbury, UK
Date: March/April 2022
Application: –open soon–

GD Event: Orkney Islands
Location: Kirkwall, UK
Date: TBD
Application: –open soon–