What’s next:

  • Date: 06.-14.04.2019 Game Director Workshop – Grimm’s Fairy Tale (Germany – Bacharach near Koblenz)
    -> Application closed
    for people from Germany, Estonia, Greece, Sweden, UK and Finland
  • Date: 06.-14.08.2019 Game Director Workshop – (Estonia)
    -> Application
    for people from Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece und Spain
  • Date: 20.-27.10.2019 Dragon Legion’s Board Game Event 2019 (Essen, Germany)
    -> Application
    for people from Czech Republic, Estonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Italy, Spain, Sweden
  • Date: 24.-27.10.2019 Booth at Essen Spiel (Essen, Germany)
    feel free to visit us there at SPIEL.