Welcome to your Dragon Legion

What’s next:

  • Date: 21.-22.07.2018 Booth at FeenCon (Germany – Bonn)
  • Date: 23.-29.07.2018 Game Director Workshop – Future Leaders (Greece)
    -> Application
  • Date: 30.06.-01.07.2019 local meeting  (Estonia, Tallinn)
    -> Contact Tuule
    , if you you want to participate
  • Date: 06.-14.04.2019 Game Director Workshop – Grimm’s Fairy Tale (Germany)
    -> Application

Overview and further details of all up coming and past events: click here


We are working on a reformation themed setting for the protestant church in Germany (further information in german) and also refining the Minoan setting for the next player event.

The Dragon Legion in four sentences:

Take part in international roleplaying events!

Help develop new games and adventures!

Get involved in roleplaying activities in schools!

Get support for your own ideas and projects!

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Become part of the dragon legion history and create the future!


Welcome to a new European Network for role-players!

The Dragon Legion is a group of adventurous young people who enjoy creating interesting and innovative events in the area of youth work. We have started running large scale pen&paper role-playing events in different European countries (such as Iceland and Greece), playing in a setting of the location’s ancient mythology.
We have much bigger plans for the future and would like to get more people involved.

Past Events

Sweden 2016

Greece 2015

Iceland 2014