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The Dragon Legion in the year 2020 -

The response to our search for the volunteering positions in our headquarters has been amazing! We have received over 150 applications in just two days, and it makes us so happy to see the interest that is out there for our work. It will take time to process everyone, stay tuned!

Take your role playing to the next level with Dragon Legion!

We have an amazing opportunity for 4 young enthusiasts to come and work with us in Germany. Click the link to learn more about your chance to help us grow our community, and yourself.

Let’s make the best of our situation during these harsh times. This could be an excellent opportunity to work on bettering our relationships with ourselves and others, through everything from online courses to role playing games online. How are you spending your time nowadays?

Due to the current restrictions and safety concerns regarding COVID-19 we are forced to postpone the spring events in Iceland, Sweden and Italy. We will keep you updated with new dates as soon as possible. Stay safe and healthy, legionnaires <3

This year has been amazing for Dragon Legion, where we among other things welcomed the Netherlands, Portugal and Belgium to our ranks.

2020 has a record amount of events approved (6!), and hopefully even more to come. We are looking forward to seeing you all in the new decade!

The End of a Decade with Dragon Legion -

Today -Ras, the president of the #DragonLegion, met with the president of #Iceland Guðni Th. Jóhannesson at the #Midgard2019 to talk with him about our work.

It was an honour and we thank him for his time!

#midgardcon #rpg #tabletoprpg #roleplaying #interculturalexchange

On the first day of #Estonia Event the participants got to know eacht other, got an introduction on the #DragonLegionRule System and into Estonian mythology!

#RogosiManor #GDEvent #GDEstonia #roleplaying #tabletoprpg #rpg #settingcreation #PenAndPaper

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