Dragon Legion History

How it all began …

The Dragon Legion evolved over several years. At first we were a group of young students from Aachen who liked to play D&D at the kitchen table. The experience was great but we wanted more.
So we thought that it might be cooler if we rented a holiday home for a weekend and play with more people. We did it with 13 people and the game is still scheduled regularly because it is so much fun. We called the yearly gatherings the Dragon Mountain Events.

Dragon Mountain

Island 2014

At some point we got the idea that it might be more interesting to try an event with even more people in on a bigger scale. With this the idea of a European role-playing event was born. We searched for role-playing groups in other countries and found great people in Iceland and Greece who wanted to make this vision real. So we all together organized our first event in Iceland with 30 people from Greece, Iceland and Germany in 2014 and ran the “Norse Mythology Event”. This was awesome. We made a lot of friends and had a great time.

We still did not have enough though, we continued. We expanded our connections to Finland and Belgium. Our network grew and together with our new friends we organized the next event in Greece on Rhodes with 50 people from Finland, Belgium, Greece, Iceland and Germany in 2015, called the “Greek Mythology Event”. This was a fantastic time for all.

Greece 2015

Cologne 2016

And of course, we continued. We made connections to Sweden and planned the game director workshop in 2016 and the 2016 “Sami culture Event” in Sweden.
The signing the of the German association which is called “Dragon Legion e.V.” was the next step. It is still not yet official.
We launched the Dragon Legion website in April 2016.
In May we went to RPC (Role-Play Convention) in Cologne in Germany where we had a booth thanks to the organizers. This gave us the opportunity to spread the idea of our RPG network with the purpose of running pen&paper RPG events. We were looking for new members which would enable us to realize more and bigger events. We also want to grow into an active network which can support its members by offering them a place to turn their ideas into reality. The feedback of the visitors at our booth was amazing and strengthened our belief that we were heading in the right direction.

Sweden 2016

The “Sami culture Event” in Sweden was a great event.

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