Dragon Legion Structure – Focus Groups


Projects Group

“Who runs all the awesome projects with which I was fished into Dragon Legion?” It’s not the Projects group, but we know who is and bring you into touch with them. We keep track of all ongoing and possible future projects. So if you are interested in participating, we’ll help you to find the right spot for you. Participating means for example writing scenes, adventures, rule systems, creating characters, settings, coordinating a project and a lot more.

In addition we support the different project coordinators and inform the Legion of all project advances.

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Events Group


The Events group manages the logistics of our events. If you want to create an event or join an event as an official member of the Dragon Legion, the Events group will help and support you. Tasks of the Events group would be the writing of project  applications for funding, negotiating accommodations, organizing the travel and food, coming up with schedules for the event and dealing with reports afterwards. Tasks such as the creation of an adventure or the adoption of rules for a specific event would not be in the hands of the Events group, because that would be too much for one group. So if you like to organize the ‘hard facts’ and like event management feel free to join our Events group.

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IT Group

The IT focus group is your friend in need when it comes to IT related tasks. Our main task is to manage Dragon Legion’s website, the project management platform and develop tools we may need to better organise ourselves. In addition, we’re currently working on a new project platform that helps Dragon Legion members to plan and realise their projects. Besides that we create the design and structere of the Dragon Legion website.

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PR Group

The public relations focus group is the interface between the internal structures and all interested people out there. It manages information flow from the Dragon Legion to the public audience and back, also it keeps the social media platforms up to date and publishes the E-mail newsletter.

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Design Group

The design group takes care of illustrations, layout and visuals. Typical tasks include drawing pictures for role playing settings, designing posters and postcards, or deciding what a website should look like.

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Content Group

With multiple annual events, an organization the size of Dragon Legion produces tons of content: Rulebooks, Drawings, Articles, Videos you name it! Securely storing and distributing such vast amounts of data can be a hassle, and that is why the Legion has gathered its best and the brightest to watch over the content created - be it the rules for the next game, or the memorable pictures from the last one! In a sense the people of the content team are the true dragons of Dragon Legion, sitting atop and guarding a vast treasure trove of content created and stored by the Dragon Legion.

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Locals Group

The locals focus group consists of the coordinators of the several local Dragon Legion teams. They organize local events like visits to conventions, the regular meetings of Legionnaires, Gaming nights etc. If you want to get in contact with a close local group, create a new one or need support with a planned activity in your local group the Locals focus group will support and help you.

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Fundraising Group

The Fundraising group is responsible to get money for the Dragon Legion. Getting funds, contracts with companies, creating products or simply getting donations are the ways to get it. If you can think of different ways or have a new idea or contact you should get in touch with the Fundraising group.

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Administration Group

The Administration group is handling the legal parts of the dragon legion and takes care of the member lists. Also financial handling is part of our responsibility. If you have any legal questions or need to deal with financials you should get in contact with the Administration group.

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