Dragon Legion is a non-profit organization

The Dragon Legion is a non-profit organization aiming to organize large-scale pen and paper roleplaying events in different countries of Europe with international players. Our settings often focus on the culture and mythology of the country we play in, and we have developed our own roleplaying system, the European Roleplaying Approach (ERA), which is beginner-friendly and easy to implement.

What started off as a small group of players getting together in Aachen, is now an ever-growing network of passionate roleplaying enthusiasts with groups in Germany, Iceland, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Denmark, Latvia, Czech Republic, Spain and UK.

The Dragon Legion offers the possibility to connect with likeminded people from Europe to form friendships which cross borders. Apart from that we offer an easy way to establish new groups and settings. We are working together with schools and at the moment we are developing an educational roleplaying setting for the protestant church.

Nowadays we often host multiple events per year and also take part in plenty of conventions, where we spread our message and introduce new people to our world.

To read more about how we became the organization we are today, you can read about our history.


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