Who are Dragon Legion?

The Dragon Legion is a non-profit organization, we are a community of people from across Europe, united by a shared passion: Bringing people together across borders with unique RPG adventures, events, and game design. 

We organize large-scale pen and paper roleplaying and creative events of many kinds across Europe with a diverse range of participants; our main aims in these events are to cultivate cultural exchange, to empower youth, and develop educational RPG worlds to celebrate the mythology of the countries that host us.

Our community and events are by design, accessible, affordable, and inclusive to all. We want to give everyone an opportunity to get involved and experience the worlds and adventures we build.

Covid-19: During the pandemic our usual in-person activities have had to be paused, however, we are as active as ever online, we have a dedicated discord server and a welcoming community that is all still working hard in the background to prepare for future events!


We aim to create an open-minded participatory community, we are all here for each other!

We want to give young people a safe but also exciting space to playfully explore their interpersonal skills and creativity, where their actions have effects on the whole group in succeeding on a shared goal. We believe that this experience can be life-changing and build the core of intercultural understanding.

Why role-playing games?

Our game settings are beginner-friendly and focused on shared immersive storytelling, this immersive creative environment is ideal for developing intercultural confidence, social connections, and creative skills. In modern educational practices, and what’s known as non-formal learning, experiential learning through games plays a huge part. We aim to combine the academic power of gamification of learning and the social power of playing RPGs.

If you are an RPG player, then you know the power of RPG in terms of social, creative, and cultural development. If you are not yet an RPG player then come and find out! We promise, it is a lot of fun and you won’t even notice you are meant to learn something.

An International Community

What started off as a small group of players getting together in Aachen, is now an ever-growing network of passionate role-playing enthusiasts with groups in Germany, Iceland, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Italy, Estonia, Denmark, Latvia, Czech Republic, Spain, Romania, Belgium, and the UK.

The Dragon Legion offers the possibility to connect with like-minded people from Europe to form friendships that cross borders. Apart from that, we offer an easy way to establish new groups and settings. We are working together with schools and at the moment we are developing an educational roleplaying setting for the protestant church.

Nowadays we often host multiple events per year and also take part in plenty of conventions, where we spread our message and introduce new people to our world.

To read more about how we became the organization we are today, you can read about our history.



Rasmus Pechuel

President of Dragon Legion

About Ras

The crazy genius behind the idea of Dragon Legion.

Secret Goal

Buy a castle! Because we need it. Trust me!

Marie Ossenkopf

Second Chairwoman

About Marie

A friendly soul to guard all the lost Legionnaires.

Secret Goal

Somehow keep the mess Ras makes at bay…

Georg Winkens

Jack of all trades

About Georg

Before everything goes down, Georg will save the day!

Secret Goal

Keep the discord server nice and tidy and pruned.

Peter Orrmalm

Swedish National Coordinator

About Peter

Researching all these interesting mythologies so Dragon Legion stays true to the foundations.

Secret Goal

More visual feats! Like much more!

Timo Bakr

About Timo
Secret Goal

Have more community activity on our discord server



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