Roar of the plane, the clatter of the suitcase wheels…            And there we are, all sitting in Riga…
               Ah wait!
Some of us had Tour de Europe…

But, let’s go back to Riga. We all couldn’t wait to get into the bus which drove us to great adventures.
There we were, young, excited people from across Europe, now in taagepera to play RPG sessions for a week. 

I heard about Dragon Legion from my friend Dragon, the Polish National Coordinator. I was part of the first polish group to join a Game event in Iceland. And then my adventure started. I had great time and quickly became a member of the Legion. What can I say more? I am very happy that I can be part of this big, international family.

Red Squirrel Aka Wiktoria


 The adventure began, it is possible that every player at the end of every scene had questions “what will be next?”   “how will we survive?”   “how can we solve the problem?”. 

But woah let’s slow down. It’s not so easy to start playing. There was one big quest for all of us to get into Estonian Mythology adventure. The GD Council! We all one by one sat down in front of all 6 Game Directors to present our character backstory. That was very big moment waiting for verdict… which GD will say “I want You in my Team”.

Big warriors, wise witches, smart rehepapps, friendly inn keepers, strong werewolfs. Talkative and cursed ones, mysterious and quiet ones… We all ended up in the city of Soolin To rescue the city, to fight the dogpeople army and defeat Hamarick. And we did it. Together.

Nerds and gamers, musicians and photographers, old and young ones, jokers and singers, talkative and shy ones. Italians and Danes, Polish and Romanians, Greeks, Germans and Estonians.

As our characters we are all so different. But we made this event work. We made this week awesome and unforgettable. We talked, laught, cried and were one big family for this thrilling week.

And now again, roar of the plane…
             The clatter of the suitcase wheels.
                           It`s time to go home.
But we come home with great memories and new friendships…