Hello! From the volunteers at Dragon Legion HQ!

In September 2020, four young people from across the EU joined Dragon Legion for a year under the European Solidarity Corps program. Since then, the four of us have gotten to know the core of the Legion, its past and present, and have planned for its future, not to mention made some lifelong friends along the way!

We were thrilled to be accepted and to spend a year of our lives working in Germany! It’s been a crazy year for us overcoming all sorts of challenges and getting up to some fun stuff. And there is still more to come…

If you are reading this you are probably interested in what means to be a Dragon Legion volunteer and maybe how to become one!

 “The journey is more important than the destination and this year has definitely been a hell of a journey”

Vicky - Greek Participant and Hugger of Trees

Volunteering for an NGO means giving your time to develop and grow a network, a community of like minded people, helping it to achieve its goals. Through the European Solidarity Corps funding, NGOs across Europe can apply to get help deploying extra hands and minds in their projects, supporting the incoming volunteers with the living costs of moving and settling into another country. It is through this funding that Dragon Legion is capable of hosting international volunteers, creating a driving working group of peers, each with their own skills and abilities. We live in the beautiful city of Cologne: a metropolis with lots of green areas, parks and lakes. In its periphery we have our Headquarters in a former pub reshaped to be an office. The non formal and peer to peer approach is embedded in DL organization, making it very easy for newcomers to feel comfortable and safe, even if coming from afar.

So far its been a ride, I’ve loved the experience of moving to Germany, the city of Cologne is gorgeous. I feel so lucky to have forged this little family at Dragon Legion HQ, even during the pandemic. Game nights, BBQ’s on the Rhine, exploring the city together, it’s been great. I’ve learnt so much, from how to run international projects to how to use adobe programs, along with some unexpected life lessons! I look forward to watching the volunteer program improve for the future, and to see how Dragon Legion will grow in the years to come…

Beth -

 ConOur first months were hard, we needed to adapt to a new city and as soon as we were feeling confident with it, the second wave happened, causing a long lasting lockdown, but luckily we had the chance to go on a couple excursions together, exploring some of the surroundings of this region.

Due to the pandemic crisis of this year, we had to face different challenges: beginning with unstable living situations and a locked down city. But thanks to a strong spirit of adaptation, and a well juggled logistics we made it through, facing up to the challenge of the changing and uncertain times. Most of the organization’s activities rely on in person youth exchanges or live roleplay sessions using the ERA (European Roleplay Approach) as a non formal teaching tool, so without being able to meet our members in person, weve had to come up with some creative ways to get involved. As Dragon Legion is such a wide spanning and open organisation, we could find our place in any past and present project, or even start our own!

So our job became to plan and develop. Writing Key Action projects and plans for all the future events, while also developing Dragon Legion’s mythological settings from old Game Design events, contributing to a core gaming system encompassing various aspects of a culture and mythos (Norse, greek, estonian and arthurian mythology).We have achieved a lot so far, from creating games, online conventions, organising years of past work and projects, working on old settings, organising large scale school exchanges, improving dragon legions online presence to cleaning out the old kitchen in Dragon Legions HQ in Cologne!

This year there have been many mountains to climb for us but we have loved the opportunity to live in Germany for a year working on these projects! We hope the next generation of volunteers will be able to learn from us and will be able to jump in easily and finish what we have started!

Becoming a volunteer is simple, just stay tuned with the dragon legion social media channels and apply when the next call will be made!
Get in touch if you are serious about working for Dragon Legion! You can shape the future of this organisation, and learn so much along the way!


We are always happy to help! Message any of us if you have any questions or want to get involved. We’re friendly 😉 x

Big love and all the best from the Dragon Legion Volunteer team! 

Beth, Breki, Vicky and Francesco.