A retrospective on a very special event in Bari, Italy Spetember 2020 that was successful against all odds.

First off, a massive thank you from the Dragon legion community to everyone who got involved with this event, the brilliant GM’s, the enthusiastic players, the game designers behind the scenes it was a joy to bring everyone together again after so long. Most of all a special thanks to Tou.Play who hosted us and made this all possible! Tou.play is a youth acccosiation based in Bari, Italy that do brilliant things in their local community, we have a lot of respect for what these guys do and it was a pleasure to work with them in their home city!

See you soon

– Beth


“The year 2020 was very chaotic for the Dragon Legion”

It would have been our busiest year, with a total of 8 events planned and new exiting projects in our reach, but our efforts were thwarted by a global pandemic. Despite that, by some miracle we were able to host one event, Future Leaders in Bari, Italy.

For me, this story is interwoven with my experience as a volunteer for Dragon Legion. The moment I landed in Germany on the 26th of August I started going over the adventure Shadows Over Vellairn, working to improve it from its previous iteration in 2018. I like to joke and say that during my first weeks in Germany, I really lived in the fantasy world of Nexor.

Volunteer and resisdent GM of Dragon Legion, writes on his first time Game Mastering for a large scale event in a time of Covid-19.

Breki Bragason

I remember saying at one point “This is too much, isn’t it? This is just gonna break them down.”  while I was working on the storyline for the event with Ras, but when the time came during the adventure they were filled with resolve and righteous fury. That was the start of the first of many doubts that were shattered by our experiences there.

We had our gaming rounds in two places, Spazio 13 and Lido Adria, right on the coast. Spazio 13, found deep in the urban landscape of Bari gave us a nice little place to call our own, while Lido Adria gave us a nice spot by the sea to play and swim in between sessions. 

This event was very different from those that I had experienced. The COVID pandemic had really slowed down our activities and I was doubtful that an event of our scale would even work. Once again I was wrong. By following regulations and by restricting ourselves to a small number of participants, we were able to have an enjoyable experience.

There was one more thing I was wrong about. This was my first event as a Game Director for the Dragon Legion. I expected it to be stiff and restrictive, that I would have to work hard on forcing the players into following the intended storyline and that I would need to stay awake every night planning the upcoming day, but it was a smooth and liberating experience.

The characters were grounded in their goals, making it easy to give them a direction to go to. I could anticipate and respond to curveballs in the same way as I would in my home games and communicating with other GDs was fun and easy. We would share stories about our players, laughing at the adversity we put them through and joyfully reminiscing about their clever solutions.

Adversity creates heroes, and in this event we really got to witness it happen…”

It wasn’t always easy, but it was always fun to challenge these players, watch them overcome everything we threw at them and see them become the stuff of legend.

Outside of the story the event was fascinating as well. Just like with every Dragon Legion event we got to see young people meet and learn about each other. Friendships were forged, stories were written, and those who were there have a bond that will last them a lifetime.