We will offer 4 young people the opportunity to live in Cologne, Germany for a year and work with us on building up a world of role-playing and adventure with the Dragon Legion network. We intend to make this the dream job for every young gamer and we will give our 4 new staff members a lot of freedom to determine the nature of the tasks and activities. Below you will find a few details to clarify what we have in mind.


What will be the tasks?

Imagine this experience like a full time job which gives you a lot of freedom to develop your skills while you live in a foreign country. We will give you a number of interesting tasks but we want you to develop your own interests and focus on the tasks you are most interested in. Here is a list of possible tasks that might await you:

  • organizing RPG events
  • working with schools in learning events (language learning, social learning, training of skills)
  • creating concepts for schools
  • creating a magazine (editing, graphic design, proofreading, writing articles)
  • working on social media concepts
  • communication via social media
  • creating YouTube videos
  • hosting game events
  • game design activities, working on RPG productions
  • convention planning and administration of a big convention event
  • We want to encourage you to come up with your own ideas for tasks. For instance, if you have the idea of creating an adventure that works well for language learning in our school events, you should focus on this task and we will support you in achieving a great result!


Work environment

We have an office in the city of Cologne which you will share with other Dragon Legion volunteers and those of us who are involved in building the Dragon Legion network. The office language is going to be English but it might be useful to understand a little German as well. This is not a requirement, there will be plenty of opportunities to learn a little German.

We will provide you with a computer and the tools you need in order to work on your tasks. One thing that is important for us is teamwork. We want to create work structures in which several volunteers grow into efficient teams that work together well. See it as an opportunity to have a major impact on creating something like an RPG publisher and finding out if we can reach the level of the professionals.


Living quarters

We have a simple but functional apartment for our volunteers in which they live together as a community. This means that 4 people share a kitchen and a bath room but you will also have your private room. The apartment is located in the city of Cologne and you can either take a bus or a bike to get to the office in 15-20 minutes.


How to get the position

If you believe that this experience is right for you, contact us and let us know about you. We will set up an online interview with you in order to find out if you are a good match and this will give you the opportunity to ask us about all the details. 

Please contact -Ras at ras@dragon-legion.com if you are interested in this position. 

Since these positions are funded through the European Solidarity Corps you will have to register on their website:


We can talk about all the details in the interview or we can send you more information. However, you will also be able to find all the relevant information on the website.


Financial details

The experience is a volunteering experience, not a job, so you won’t receive a salary. However, there are a number of expenses that are paid for you and you will receive a monthly budget for food and monthly pocket money. These rates are predetermined by the European Solidarity Corps and we will go over the details with you.

Covered for you are:

  • The apartment you live in
  • Electricity, water, gas
  • A ticket that you can use for trains, subways, buses and rental bikes in the city and in the region
  • Health insurance
  • Travel to Cologne at the beginning of the volunteering experience and home at the end.

Overall all important expenses will be covered and you will have enough money for food and for small expenses.


Organizational issues

We will start with this experience either in August or in September. We strongly prefer those who want to stay for a year, however, you might be able to convince us to stay shorter. 

We are trying to choose our candidates until the end of June. The normal selection process will go like this:

  1. You contact us and indicate that you are interested.
  2. We set up an online interview with you.
  3. We give you an answer within 1 week after the interview.
  4. If you are chosen, we will start the preparations for the experience abroad.


Our expectations

We actually have a few expectations of our volunteers and we are also required to document the experience and report how successful it was to the National Agency. This means that we will define learning goals with you and we will periodically check with you if the learning goals are reached. Don’t worry, we are not going to test you! Instead, imagine this as having a talk with us in which you tell us what you would like to learn and what you would like to focus on and we try to come up with ways of supporting you in your learning and in your development.

A few things that are important for us:

  1. Develop a sense of initiative: We cannot look over your shoulder all the time and give you step by step instructions. Instead, we encourage you to try things out and we’ll do our best to support you and also teach you some skills. However, you need to be the driving factor behind your actions, your learning and your development.
  2. Learn German: We will communicate in English, however, we believe that living for a long time in a foreign country is a wonderful opportunity to learn that country’s language. By doing this you will also gain a better understanding of a country’s culture and you will be able to fit in with your living environment.
  3. Be creative and make the experience enjoyable for yourself: We will definitely support you and we will be there to help you come up with tasks and activities that are useful but also great fun for you.
  4. Help us build an international community: The Dragon Legion is a wonderful network that we want to grow even more. Together we want to make this an even bigger and better community in which everyone feels welcome and in which we all find the most wonderful friends to do amazing activities with.



You should not be older than 30.

You should be a citizen of an EU country (or Iceland or the UK).