What an amazing time in Iceland!

The Dragon Legion attended the Midgard convention to introduce the array of systems and settings that have been created by our members since the first event in 2014. Our settings are usually based on historical Mythology such as Nordic, Sami and Greek as well as a fantasy setting that we created that is called “The Siege Of Nexor”. We also introduced and a new role playing game that we co-developed for the last 2 years called “Embers – From the Ashes”

We had 10 tables to play at at a time and offered gaming sessions of roleplaying for about an hour and a half at a time.

We also played some “Go, Goblins, Go!” a role playing game that takes a room full of people to run through the regular hazards that goblins face in their lives

Giacomo Pappalepore from our italian partner Tou.Play made an amazing video about our event!