In July, our first Future Leaders Event took place on Aegina, Greece. 20 people joint forces to save the kingdom of Vellairn in our Nexor setting. A week of adventures awaited: We discovered the beautiful nature of Aegina by foot or quad bikes while our heroes roamed the Forest of Bones and crossed the Demon’s Scar. The heat overdays was met with diving into the mediterrean sea, while the heat of the final battle for Vellairn was cooled down by an intervention of Tuphon, the God of the Seas. Friendships were formed or renewed between the players as well as between the heroes.Visit our facebook page to hear and watch our heroes reveal their secrets while cricket chirping accompanied the videos and all of our gaming rounds!

Here are some of the videos we made, find all of them on our facebook page.

Andromeda, played by Nina from Greece

Soorali, played by Georg from Germany.

Tannin, played by Vicky from Greece

Harry McDowell, played by Kaisa from Estonia