While Dragon Legion’s future leaders are busy role-playing on the #Greek island #Aegina, one of its local cells in the far north is doing promotional work!

Indeed, Dragon Legion’s official Finnish partner association Etelä-Suomen Rooli- & Strategiapeliyhdistys ry (https://m.facebook.com/ESRSPYry/), or #ESRSPY in short, will be promoting Dragon Legion in Helsinki at Ropecon during this weekend from Friday to Sunday.

What is #Ropecon, you might ask? Ropecon is nothing less than the biggest voluntarily run non-commercial role-playing event in whole Europe, held at Messukeskus Expo and Convention Centre in Helsinki. The convention offers rounds in different #tabletop #roleplaying games for all ages and tastes, #larps, #boardgames, card games and miniature games. Not to mention panel discussions ranging from crowdfunding #RPG’s to live-streaming them, or lectures starting from influential females in Middle-Earth to why a dragon is NOT suitable as a pet (held by a professional veterinarian, by the way). #Cosplaying, workshops, boffer tournaments, competitions, art exhibitions and a historical ball are also an inseparable part of Ropecon.

Amidst all this will be the brave volunteers of ESRSPY, handing leaflets from left to right and not even flinching when the inevitable Paper Cut strikes them critically. ESRSPY will promote three different main subjects during the weekend:

  1. ESRSPY’s activities in #Finland. This includes weekly board game nights at the association’s club house, an upcoming game weekend in Autumn at a countryside resort, and a live RPG-stream on Twitch called #Noppatuuri.
  2. ESRSPY as Dragon Legion’s official partner. The fun we have had this far in past events and the fun we are going to have in future events and projects. Ropecon will also draw not only Finns but a lot of other nationalities, so we will definitely not forget to promote #Nesciamus for the German speaking Ropecon-goers, or the wonderful events that Dragon Legion has already hosted for multiple nationalities all over #Europe.
  3. 3. ESRSPY as project leader in #RUNE. RUNE is a project which aims to create an educational RPG based on Nordic mythologies. Although not an official Dragon Legion project, it involves many of the same people and partner associations from Finland, Sweden, Iceland and Germany that are active in Dragon Legion. If all goes well, the finished product should be out in a few months, with an online portal to deepen the game experience.