Yet again, we had a booth at FeenCon in Germany Bad Godesberg near Bonn. There we offered a friendly ear to answer all kinds of questions, presented some of our products published by Smirking Dragon and played some gaming rounds in our various settings (Siege of Nexor, Minoan, Arthurian etc.) and systems.

Of course, uur hard working members had the chance to try out old and new role playing systems and to enjoy the Con and the various activities themselves.

We also build our first mobile preview of our work-in-progress Adventure Room: Trial of the Magi. It was a harder challenge than we anticipated, but we learned a lot from the experience and therefore were able to discover flaws that still need to be fleshed out. We thank everyone who waited so patiently and apologies for the delay at the Con.

All in all it was a pleasure to be part of the FeenCon, again.