On the past weekend we set sails towards one of Germany’s largest role-play convention: the RPC in Cologne!

Besides busy shifts at our booth we offered over 15 gaming rounds altogether. Players unraveled secrets in the Labyrinth of Minos (Runestone), defended innocent villagers against undead armies (The Siege of Nexor) or spread the word of a better society (Nesciamus). Though they not always succeeded, the players had as much fun as we had (or even more!)

Additionally, we hosted two rounds of “Go, Goblins, Go!”, a new approach to role-play gaming where over 50 players simultaneously took the roles of Goblins to plunder secret stashes in a cave. Many entered, but only the bravest (or luckiest) ones returned with treasures…

Our First Chairman -Ras was also invited to a talk of the german podcast  Pen & Podcast – Der Rollenspiegel Special: Roll for Initiative! Wie man ins Rollenspiel einsteigt. With Orkenspalter TV (Mháire), Tanelorn.net/richtig.spielleiten.de (Karsten Voigt), Dragon Legion (-Ras), Eskapodcast (Holger) and Teilzeithelden(Roger Lewin) and the moderators Maurizio and Dominik from Pen & Podcast.