We just returned from our adventure to Crete for our player event set in the Minoan mythologyI

Our newest Erasmus+ funded player Event took place from April, 21st to 30th, with participants from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy and Sweden. 

The players got to explore the shift in time, when the Greek Olympian gods became dominant over the traditional Minoan culture. They ran away from Minotaurs, fought through labyrinths and discovered the wonders of the gods, while being guided through our story by wonderful game directors.
Thanks to the portability of our Runestone system a few groups decided to use them to their adventage by playing at the beach in right next to the ocean.

Apart from playing we got to enjoy a 4-star all inclusive hotel right next to the beach. Nothing like cooling of in the pools or the ocean between sessions. So the freetime was spent well with gaming, socializing and making friends.
The participants also set out to discover old ruins and wonders of Crete to learn more about the culture of this wonderful country.

We would like to thank all participants and are happy to have found new members to our ever growing Dragon Legion Network.