A new Dragon Legion event starts in Odysseus’ homeland Ithaka!

24 participants have just arrived from Iceland, Malta, Germany and Greece. MYTHS, an RPG based learning event, will take the participants through different scenarios for three days from April 3rd -7th.

The young players between 16 and 29 will experience a life’s journey: storm-tossed seas unleashed by mighty gods, fearsome encounters with evil one-eyed giants and merciless man-eaters, dangerous temptations by irresistible sirens and beautiful goddesses, the loss of devoted comrades and the unbearable fear of never seeing home again – like famous Odysseus! Now tired after a long Odyssey-like journey to the ionian island Ithaka, which claims to be the place of Odysseus palace, the participants are facing three exciting days.

MYTHS stands for Maximizing Youth’s Talents and Heightening Self-confidence and its concept is based on Role Playing Games combined with multimedia presentations. The videos, photos etc. will then be published on a specially designed online portal and thus give viewers the chance to replay the games.

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