Our biggest and probably most difficult project yet: Nesciamus – a role playing game with or without game director. As the 500th anniversary of the Reformation was celebrated this year, we created a role-playing game that has a reformation as a central concept in cooperation with the Youth Activity Section of the protestant church in Aachen, Germany. We accepted the challenge but wanted to create a game that was not historically correct but could bring the spirit of the reformation back to live and could be used to find parallels. There were many ups and downs, awesome people putting their love, sweat and blood into the project and an enormous amount of pressure, that lead to several schedule delays. But in the end we produced a setting book and a first adventure and the campaign is still in the works.

We started meeting in February with a big meeting in Monschau, Germany, where we set the base for the world of Nesciamus. We started creating a world of demons, spiritual perils and a regime that some would like to reform.

After that the work went on quickly and the first preview could be given at the German Church gathering. We had a lot of people interested in the project and many people play-tested it at our booth.

As the work progressed we also had a successful Kickstarter campaign to help us finance the project.

Later on we presented Nesciamus at several conventions and at the end we sold the finished adventure and setting book for the very first time at the SPIEL in Essen.

It was an exciting year for all the people that worked on Nesciamus and there is still more to come, as we are still working on the campaign.