Eight days of an exciting board game event lie behind us. We held our first International Board Game Festival with participants from Estonia, Greece, Finland, Italy and Germany from October 21st to 30th in Soest, including our new partners from Spain and Czech Republic. We enjoyed eight days of professional play-testing, workshops with professional game designers, learned to present games, explored SPIEL – the world’s largest board game trade fair, and of course enjoyed countless hours of playing games in a great intercultural learning setting.

The SPIEL is the world’s largest board game fair, and we were present with a booth as well. At our booth, we offered role play gaming sessions of our upcoming Crete Event Setting and were able to present Nesciamus and Army of Dice by Smirking Dragon. The dices followed us already for about a year, intended to be only a handy representation tool in role-playing games. But just after our workshops about board game creation during the event, we created a rule system for a fast paced game where two players fight each other by armies of monsters rolled out by the dice. The run on Army of Dice was so large, we set up tournaments on two days.

All in all an amazing experience that we plan to repeat next year!