At the End of September 2017, we finally returned to the beautiful and mystical Iceland for yet another Game Director Event. This time around we welcomed 30 participants from Estonia, Germany, Italy, Iceland and for the very first time the UK and Denmark for a week of game director training to hone skills that can be used in our everyday life, work environment (e.g. social workers) and to train Game Directors for our Player Events. We learned about creating and playing interesting non-player characters, the importance of pacing and scene design and much more. 

The rest of the time we learned about Norse mythology and worked on the setting and the adventure for the planned follow up player event in Iceland. On our free time we enjoyed our time together and explored the beautiful landscape by hiking and watching the norse lights at night. A bus right around famous sights like the magnificent Gullfoss waterfall and the Geysirs provided us with a lot of inspiration for the week. 

We also got a visit from some real Viking Fighters who taught us some basic fighting skills and some basic about viking weaponry.

We all made some wonderful new friends and learned many things about different european cultures, especially the icelandic one.

We are looking forward to creating the follow up Player Event so you can enjoy the results of this amazing week.

More pictures can be found here: