From Mai 25th – June 1st we held our first official Dragon Legion Spring Gathering. We were happy to welcome over 40 people from Estonia, Greece, Germany, Iceland, Italy, UK and Sweden to a week full of fun, excitement and some hard work. The first half of the Event was spent in the city of Cologne, Germany. There we opened the Event with sightseeing tour of a few inspiring sights, including the world famous cathedral. Later that evening we gathered for a nice barbeque and got a chance to get to know each other better and get reacquainted with some old friends.

After that we were at the RPC, the Germany’s biggest role playing convention. We had our own booth, where we presented our work and had some nice conversations many wonderful people. We also offered several gaming rounds in our Rune Stone Systems set in the Sami or Minoan culture and our new Grimm setting. We also tested the results of our newest project, Nesciamus, a role playing game without a game director. So thanks to all the amazing Game Directors and our fabulous players that gifted us all hours of adventure. The feedback to our rule systems was positive and many were interested to test out Nesciamus, the demand was almost overwhelming.

Afterwards we relocated to a rural area outside of Cologne to offer some inspiring surroundings for our gaming workshops. Here we learned about our European Role-Playing Approach (ERA), were gifted valuable Game Director tricks and worked on some of our settings and projects together. But of course role-players always find time for fun and games even amidst a tight schedule of work, so in the evening we had the chance to enjoy swimming in the lake and spending some time together to forge friendships that now cross borders.