As the 500th anniversary of Reformation is celebrated this year, we are creating a role-playing that has a reformation as a central concept in cooperation with the protestant church in Germany. It will be set in a fictional, medieval world, where the society suffers from severe social deficits which will be reformed. The players will become part, or even initiate this reformation and experience the effects of a big reformation during the game. The problems which the players encounter and try to reform let the player reflect about modern society and deficits we still have today. The focus of the game is to experience and become part of a reformation and think about the consequences for society. Even though there are some parallels to the historical reformation we create a fictional story so the players are more free to shape the world with the reformation they initiate.
This book will be released at the church gathering (Kirchentag) in Berlin and the protestant church will spread the setting book even further on their activities.
This setting shall be played in short rounds in school lessons to cover different topics, so we develop a new, easy-to-play rule system. Also, a campaign is created for longer play sessions, for example on holiday camps.