Once again Dragon Legion invited Game Directors and those who want to become one to a Game Director Workshop, this time in Crete.

Almost 30 people from all over Europe joined us on this adventure to learn more about the Minoan culture and to get hands-on training in our European Roleplaying Approach (ERA). Next to Iceland, Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Greece and Germany we were happy to be able to accept participants from Italy for the very first time!

So what did we do? The Event was all about improving Game Director skills through various training exercises. For example participants learned how to build a good NPC and how to integrate NPCs into their narrative. They also tried to write scenes in the Minoan setting and had the opportunity to get feedback to improve their story telling skills and the pacing of their adventures. Of course there was also the opportunity to try out the products of their scene writing and some of the participants had the chance to direct an RPG scene for the very first time.

Some participants also used the opportunity to start creating a Minoan setting for the Player Event that is planned for April 2017. This involved some research and brainstorming. For example what hero classes could be used and what creatures and gods supposedly roamed Crete in the olden days. And there was most certainly more to be discovered than the famous Minotaur.

After every exiting and exhausting day the participants had the chance to relax and to build friendships. Some couldn’t stop roleplaying and continued to play little one shots in the evening while some played cards or other games into the late hours of the night. The hotel also offered pools to relax at and some awesome food could be enjoyed. Not to forget all the stray cats that wandered the hotel and delighted some of the participants immensely.

During the Event the participants also got a chance to visit important sights on Crete, which allowed them to immerse themselves into the Minoan culture that was the basis for the training exercises. They visited Knossos, the largest Bronze Age archaeological site on Crete, which is considered to be Europe’s oldest city. They also ventured into the cave of Zeus located on the slopes of Mount Ida, believed to be the birthplace or the hiding place of an infant Zeus and gathered information the Minoan culture in the Heraklion museum. They used every chance they got to explore and to learn and inspired the organizers every day anew.

Time seemed to pass too quickly and soon the day of departure arrived. But we are sure strong friendships were formed and Dragon Legion got more connections than ever before. Even now a lot of the participants work in their free time to create our new Minoan setting and the adventures future participants of our next Event will face.

But who could better express what the Event was like than some of the participants themselves:

Aldo from Italy says: “What I remember most is the wisdom and strong advices that the Project Coordinator showed us! I’ve enjoyed a nice training with people from other countries and I was able to put myself into a new perspective thanks to this project.”

And Marie from Germany describes the Event like this: “I participated in the event because it was a great opportunity for me to try out game directing with people who have a lot of experience and who can give me valuable feedback. It exceeded my expectations: Not only did I learn a lot about how to be a good game master, but I also did quite some research on Minoan culture which turned out to be more fascinating than I anticipated. Apart from that it was of course great to meet all these cool people. Starting off with such a strong common interest/hobby makes it easy to form friendships, even in just a week. “

The Dragon Legion thanks everyone who participated for an awesome week and we hope to continue working with you and to meet you again soon. The growth of the participants and the work that has already gone into the Minoan setting is amazing. The work and passion they put into the preparations will most certainly be appreciated by the players next year.