DL_Dragon_SwedenFrom the 21 – 28th of June, we hosted our player event in Sweden. 50 people from 6 countries participated in the event and the group was above all extremely cooperative, positive and amazing. The event was in fact a great success. Participants showed a lot of interest the work of Dragon Legion and some of them are even joining us on our further projects and we would like to especially welcome them to our network!groupSweden2016Without spoiling anything in the story line, we are happy to inform you that the participants were successful in combat and defeated the evil spirits and the one who shall not be named. Some of the heroes showed a lot of bravery in the game, and one hero even did it in a spectacularly stylish way, rhyming every sentence when playing in game (now we know that rhyming is really contagious, but at least the player was super tenacious!). As the background of the story, we used the spectacular Sámi culture. The place where we were in Sweden, Pitea, was very useful in creating the right scenery for the game.


We hope that those of you, that haven’t gotten the chance to know the story yet, will get the opportunity in our next Sámi based event. To the people that participated, we would like to say thank you for making this week memorable and we hope to see you again on our next adventure.