The Dragon Legion visited the RPC at the 28th and 29th of Mai. There we held the most successful game tables and tested our very own and new low fantasy gaming rules. We loved the interesting discussions we had at our booth with all the visitors. In 14 game sessions the demand of our play tables was overwhelming.

Over the day our players helped the Noaidi to finish the prophecy, with all their might they overcame every obstacle they faced. Foreign barbarians were welcomed, holy reindeers were trapped, villages have been searched for evil shadows, bears were pacified or killed and they also managed to visit the underworld and came back to the living world. In the final battle against the shadows, who tried to stop the prophecy, they achieved a heroic victory.

We were especially happy that our participants understood the peaceful way of the Sami. It is a completely new experience for most role-players not to act as the slaughtering hero party and immerse in a role of peaceful and respectful people.

The feedback to our rule system was positive, it is easy to understand and the way we draw our stones to determine the outcome of random effects and the mobility that comes along was appreciated, too.

For everyone interested in our rule system, an explanation video can be found here on our website or on our YouTube channel. The videos made on the RPC will be online soon.

If you have any questions or if anything was unclear at the RPC feel free to ask us here in our forum or contact us on our website